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Rollin' Trash Hamper Rollin' Trash Hamper

Top Features include:

  • Rugged Cardboard that ships Flat and Pops into Place when ready to use!
  • Wheels with Pull Handle - Makes this the Cheapest Trash Can on Wheels! The Wheel base with pull handle top is completely removable. You can choose to use it or store it if you don't need it. Includes: Flex Frame Plastic to Keep the attachment connected to the Trash Hamper or Removable.
  • 2 Feet for Front End stability. These "white nubs" ensure your Rollin Trash Hamper has stability and won't topple forward when in use. Fill it up with confidence!
  • 1 Large Trash Bag - The Rollin Trash Hamper is large... Very Large and we Provide 15.5 Gallon Trash Bag to get you started in your clean up efforts, party or anywhere you need our Trash Hamper