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6 Event PlanOur 6 Events Plans

The Granddaddy of all plans! This plan ensures your student receives a great care package for every event this school year: Welcome, Halloween, Fall Finals, Valentines Day, Spring Surprise and Spring Finals.

Now just choose which package type you would like:

Package Details:

All 7 package types are available for each of our events. The products in those packages change with each event but stay true to the theme of each package type. Plan packages always include the stress busters associated with that event. 

A little more info on our 7 package types:

  • Ultimate - Always our biggest and most comprehensive package.
  • Natural - Our certified organic package full of nuts, dried fruits, and snack mixes.
  • Energy - Baked or Whole Grain chips, nutrition bars, breakfast bars and instant meals. Less candy.
  • Traditional - A true variety snack and candy package with a little bit of everything.
  • Gluten Free - A variety package with only gluten-free products.
  • Nut Free - A variety package with no nut or peanut products.
  • Vegetarian - Only products classified as vegetarian. Does include dairy-based products.