SWAK University Services is a leader in snack based fundraising programs for University Housing Departments and Student organizations across the country.  SWAKU is a division of Sealed With A Kiss LLC, one of the largest care package providers in the United States. 

If your student is attending one of our many affiliate schools and you're trying to place a care package order, please refer to the correspondence you received by mail or email for the correct URL to enter.  You can also contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-929-8184 and we will be happy to direct you to your student's school web store. 

If your student is not attending one of our affiliate schools but wanted to place an order for one of our amazing college care packages don't despair.  Within the next few weeks will be introducing our new SWAKU General Store that will allow you to send one of our great college care packages to any school in the country any time you choose. 

College Care Package Plans

Most parents and relatives order more than one of our great care packages during the school year.  So.... we decided to create 3 great multi-package plans. Each of our plans is designed to make ordering packages for the school year easier, and the best part, all our plans include free shipping!

Hall of Fame (free shipping)

This amazing plan will make your student feel like their a Hall of Fame'r.  It’s the biggest and baddest of all our plans as it includes our WelcomeHalloween, Fall Finals, Valentine’s Day & Spring Finals care packages.     

Grand Slam (free shipping)

Our Grand Slam Plan (say that fast 5 times) scores with four great care packages that are well spaced throughout the school year. Plan includes our Welcome, Halloween, Fall Finals & Spring Finals care packages. 

Triple Play (free shipping)

This plan impresses just like the play it’s named after.  Three great packages that cover all the bases, or in our case “school year”. Plan includes our Welcome, Fall Finals & Spring Finals care packages. 

$191.00 - $251.00
$151.00 - $211.00
$111.00 - $171.00