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College Care Packages - Designed by the Experts

Show your student you care by ordering a great college care package from the college care package experts, SWAK University Services. SWAKU is a family owned business distributing high-quality care packages since 1984.  All care packages are designed and redesigned with input and feedback from real college students. We ship our care packages to every corner of the country, on or off campus for just $6.95. So order with confidence, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

College Care Packages - Multi-Package Plans

During the school year, many parents and relatives order more than one of our great care packages. So.... we put together 9 great multi-package plans to make ordering a little easier and to save you some money on shipping!

**** It's too late for plans this school year.  Plan's for the 2017-2018 school year go on sale June 1st! ****

For all of our plans, shipping is half off our already low shipping rate. Just $3.97 per package!

During checkout, you will be given the opportunity to identify/enter the school your student is attending. We will use that information to look up their school's academic calendar for package delivery planning.