Our Care Package Program During the Pandemic

With most of our students away from campus, we are receiving inquiries about sending our care packages either home or to some other off-campus address. In response, we have shifted the focus of our care package program and our store, to support off-campus (home) deliveries.

If you would like to send a package to your student at home or some other off-campus address please select either of the ORDER HERE buttons below. Both will send you to our off-campus store catalog.

When you checkout you will be able to enter a delivery address and delivery date. There will be a flat rate UPS charge of $11.95 to help cover our shipping costs.



With our Columbia College Chicago Residence Life Office care package program, simply select the care package that's best for your student, add a message of encouragement, and check out.  It's that easy!

Our Columbia College Chicago Residence Life Office has designed a great set of care packages and package plans for you to choose from.  Don't forget to fill out the free encouragement card; your card will be the first thing your student sees when they open their care package. 

Don't wait...Order a care package for your student TODAY!  


Spring Finals Care Package