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Grip Print Shelf Liner - Sahara Gold Grip Print Shelf Liner - Sahara Gold

Top Features include:

  • Cushions and protects your dorm essentials
  • Protects surface from stains, washable and stain resistant
  • Non-Adhesive, removable and reusable
  • Perfect for dresser, desk and closet shelves, the top of your dresser and the top of your dorm desk!
It might not seem like you need to decorate your dorm furniture drawers or your college closet shelves but, why not? In a compact dorm room, any amount of stylish college supplies can really make that small space pop! Plus, when you decorate your dorm room or college apartment to your liking, it makes it feel more like your home away from home and less like an impersonal room that you are forced to stay in. And we even have the perfect dorm furniture shelf liner to fit just about any dorm room d?cor theme! Our Grip Print Shelf Liner - Sahara Gold features a unique pattern and neutral color tones to add a little extra fashion to your college dorm. This textured college shelf liner is non-adhesive, so it is easy to add to any of your college furniture drawers without risk of causing damage. This inexpensive dorm shelf liner is a must, as it helps protect your university supplied college furniture and dorm shelves so you can use them for necessary dorm supplies storage without worry!