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The Iron Brick Trunk - STRONGEST College Trunk - Aqua (USA Made) The Iron Brick Trunk - STRONGEST College Trunk - Aqua (USA Made)

Top Features include:

  • Durable, rugged, tough, and ready to take any on abuse from move-in day and beyond!
  • Two inset wheels on trunk and padded handles on each end allow for a maneuverable and fully transportable trunk
  • Rotation-link zinc plated clasps with ability to add two padlocks to keep your college stuff safe
  • A must-have to keep college supplies protected, secure, and safely stored
Your dorm trunk is there for you before dorm move-in day and it can take a lot of abuse. Since it stores your dorm supplies, wheels them into your college dorm room, keeps them safe and secure throughout your college semester, and can be used as a piece of dorm room furniture, you'll want to make sure your college trunk is up to the task. When it comes to durability and ease of use, it is hard to beat our USA Made Iron Brick? Dorm Trunks! Complete with wheels and handles, this rugged dorm trunk is easy to move into your dorm room and designed to make it there (and beyond) without breaking. The zinc plated hardware and durable plastic material used to make this aqua college trunk are made to stand up to frequent use, so you can have this dorm essential for multiple college semesters. And when we say that this durable college trunk is designed to last, we mean it! As far as protection and security goes for your dorm supplies, it is hard to do better than this aqua dorm trunk that is made with UV protection, impact resistance, anti-corrosion materials, waterproof properties, and an airtight build. Perfect for your clothes or Twin XL bedding, this sturdy dorm trunk could easily house more sensitive items like dorm room electronics. With a roomy interior, this wheeled dorm trunk can fit a lot of your essential dorm supplies with no problems! And, like all college trunks, this dorm footlocker is a versatile dorm item. While you utilize this smart dorm storage solution, you can also use it as a foot rest or dorm room coffee table. And, with such a stylish cool color, this aqua college footlocker will accent your college decor and dorm room furniture no matter how you use it. More info: PE non-toxic plastic with UV protection Approx. 33 lbs. empty weight Rotational-molding durable plastic with impact resistance Zinc Plated Hardware Suitable for storage of computers, medical equipment, photo equipment, tools Suitable for use in humid conditions, snow, high-moisture environments Anti-corrosion, waterproof, airtight build Impact shock resistant Disclaimer: While we put this trunk through a series of rigorous tests as the video illustrates, we do not recommend harsh treatment of this trunk beyond regular every-day use.