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Room Outfitting Checklist

Over the many school years, we have developed and refined the following checklist. 

Please keep in mind regular sheets and mattress pads will not fit our twin extra-long beds. Our beds are longer than your beds at home.

 Bed and Bath                         

 Hygiene Items 

Clothing and Laundry 

Bed linens: Twin XL sheet set (size 36" x 80") 

First aid items

Clothes hangers 

Pillow / pillowcase


Laundry basket

Bedspread / comforter                                            

Toilet paper (American River Courtyard Only)

Detergent, fabric softener / dryer sheets   

Mattress Pad / Cover - enclosed/bed bug proof is recommended


Iron (auto shut-off) and small ironing board, if needed

Towels and Washcloths



Shower Caddy



Bathrobe and shower shoes






Electrical Accessories (UL Approved)

Supplies and Misc:





Roku TV or a Roku streaming device (For access to all cable amenities in Riverview Hall)

School supplies                                                       


Power strip w/Surge Protector for all electronic equipment                                                              

 White "Tack Gum" for hanging posters, Command Hooks, painter's tape



Ethernet cord 

Bike and heavy-duty lock


TV cable cord



Personal computer / printer



Floor / desk reading lamp (non-halogen)