2 Event Plan Option 4Our 2 Events Plan / Option 4

This plan provides your student with amazing care packages for two great fall semester events: Halloween and Fall Finals.

Now just choose which package type you would like."Plus" plans will include the stress busters associated with that event. Our Ultimate packages always include stress busters.

$55.00 - $112.00

Package Details:

All 7 package types are available for each of our events. The products in those packages change with each event but stay true to the theme of each package type.

A little more info on our 7 package types:

  • Ultimate - Always our biggest and most comprehensive package.
  • Natural - Our certified organic package full of nuts, dried fruits, and snack mixes.
  • Energy - Baked or Whole Grain chips, nutrition bars, breakfast bars, and instant meals. Less candy.
  • Traditional - A true variety snack and candy package with a little bit of everything.
  • Gluten-Free - A variety package with only gluten-free products.
  • Nut Free - A variety package with no nut or peanut products.
  • Vegetarian - Only products classified as vegetarian. Does include dairy-based products.