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Pumpkin Patch Care Package

Our Basic Halloween Care Package

Pumpkin Patch is our most basic Halloween package. It has a great assortment of snacks and candies but none of our Halloween specific items. 

Package Treats:  

ACT II Microwave Popcorn, Cheetos, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Fritos, Gardetto's Snack Mix, Cheddar Cheese Crackers, Lay's Potato Chips, Granola Bars, Nature Valley Protein Bars, Emergen-C Variety Pack, Frito-Lay Oven Baked Chips, Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, M&M's Peanut Candy and Goldfish Snack Packs. 

~SWAKU reserves the right to make minor substitutions in snack packages based upon item availability.