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College Care Packages - Designed by the Experts

Show your student you care by ordering a great college care package from the college care package experts, SWAK University Services. SWAKU is a family owned business distributing high-quality care packages since 1984.  All care packages are designed and redesigned with input and feedback from real college students. We ship our care packages to every corner of the country, on or off campus for just $6.95. So order with confidence, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Guarantee

SWAK University Services is committed to providing the best college care packages and best service possible. 

Product Quality & Consistency

We will always provide a complete description of the products included in our packages and those products will always be fresh. If we have to make a substitution due to product availability it will always be with a similar, brand name product. 

Product Delivery

We will always ship your product UPS Ground. If your student does not receive their package due to an error on our part or that of UPS we will promptly provide a full refund for the package and shipping cost. If your student's package is damaged during shipping we will promptly provide a full refund for the package and shipping.

Customer Service

We will always be courteous and treat our Customers and their students with respect.  We will respond to your inquiries in a timely fashion with as complete of an answer as possible. If you have a problem with one of our packages or our services, your problems will be resolved in a timely manner and we will make every attempt to provide a fair and positive solution.