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College Care Packages - Designed by the Experts

Show your student you care by ordering a great college care package from the college care package experts, SWAK University Services. SWAKU is a family owned business distributing high-quality care packages since 1984.  All care packages are designed and redesigned with input and feedback from real college students. We ship our care packages to every corner of the country, on or off campus for just $6.95. So order with confidence, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Package Delivery Help

If it is your first time sending a package to your student, please review the following information.  (If you have successfully sent packages to your student at the address you will be using for this order, you probably can stop here!)

There are several factors that go into having a successful delivery of a college care package.  Those factors can be different depending on whether the package is going to a student in some form of campus housing versus a student living off campus. The following are our tips for successful package delivery.

On-Campus Deliveries

If your student lives in some form of university-managed housing (dorm, apartment, etc), the university most often has addressing rules you will need to follow to make sure your package gets accepted and delivered.  Normally that information is included in your orientation package, but if that is not handy (or you have no idea where it would be), the information can usually be found with a little searching on the internet.  Otherwise, you can just call our Customer Service Group at 800-929-9184 and a representative will provide you with your student's school requirements.

The second key consideration is delivery date. If there is no magic date (birthday) or pending deadline (last final exam) involved, you can skip this step. If timing matters please factor in the following:

  • In almost all cases your package will be delivered to some package/mail pickup point (central mail facility, their dorm's front desk, etc), not directly to your student's room. So, factor in time for your student to go somewhere to pick up their package.
  • In many cases, once your package is delivered to the school receiving location, it can still take up to 24 hours for the package to become available for student pickup. 
  • If your student will be coming home in the near future, make sure they receive their package with enough time to enjoy it. The best example is finals. If you're sending a college care package to support your student as they prepare for finals, consider having their package delivered the week before finals start. That "dead week" before finals is when they need the snack support the most.

Finally, don't just rely on the school to notify your student that they have a package. It may never happen!  Either let them know in advance a package is coming or verify with them that they received their package shortly after their package should have arrived.

Off-Campus Deliveries

As with any package you send to someone other than yourself, you should always monitor your package's progress through UPS Tracking. Assuming there is no address issue, the only real question is what happens if no one is home when the package is delivered. Normally UPS will leave the package anyway, but there are occasions when they will take it to the closest UPS pick-up point.  If you monitor their package's progress through UPS tracking, you will know if this has happened.