Our Multi-Package Plans

Most of our student's parents and relatives order more than one of our great care packages during the school year. If you are one of those parents/relatives then we have two great multi-package plans to choose from. Each plan is designed to make ordering packages for the school year easier and to save you money versus buying the same packages individually. 


All Star (a 5% discount)

This plan covers the three big events left in this school year. It starts with Fall Finals, hits them again on Valentine's Day and finishes with Spring Finals. Three great packages!

Final Out (a 5% discount)

Just want to handle the big boys?  As the name would imply this plan is all about Finals!  It provides care packages for the two most challenging events in the school year: Fall Finals & Spring Finals.

$105.00 - $145.00
$55.00 - $112.00