This store is sponsored by the Ball State University Residence Hall Association (RHA). The RHA at Ball State University utilizes funds earned  from the sale of care packages to support initiatives that directly benefit all Ball State University students like leadership development, diversity events  and participation in state, regional and national leadership conferences.  Please call us at 800-929-8184 or email if you have any  questions about this website or our care package program. 
Thank you for your support.      Kathy Berryhill - RHA President

The Countdown Has Begun!

Soon it will be time to send your student off to college, and whether it's their first year or their last, this is both an exciting and stressful time!  While you can't be with your student when they start classes, you can give them a boost to let your student know how much you care.

With our Ball State University Residence Hall Association's care package program, simply select the care package that's best for your student, add a message of encouragement, and check out.  It's that easy!

The Ball State University RHA has designed a great set of care packages and package plans for you to choose from.   Don't forget to fill out the free encouragement card;  your card will be the first thing your student sees when they open their care package.

Don't wait...Order a care package for your student TODAY!