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Our store is designed to let our parents send care packages and encouragement messages to their student away at school.  For those parents new to sending college care packages, the impact on your student is phenomenal, and the best part is.... we do all the work!  All you have to do is choose the individual care package you want to send, add your message for an encouragement card and then checkout.  We guarantee your student will love them! 

Our current and final care package event for this school year is for our Spring Finals. 

It's been a long school year, our students are tired and finals just keep getting tougher each semester. What better way to give them a boost than one of our great Spring Finals Study care packages accompanied by an encouragement card from their parents or family member!  Our Spring Finals Study care packages will be available for student pickup starting May 2nd. Students will be notified they have a care package for pickup by mail slip and email (if provided with you order).  You can also order a Birthday care package anytime; just give us about a week's notice!  Don't wait...  

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Even if you can’t send a package at this time, please stay in touch with your student.  Give them a random call, or better yet, send them a letter or postcard.  Our primary concern is that our students know you are thinking about them!