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Basic Student Clip Lamp Basic Student Clip Lamp - Black

Top Features include:

  • Flexible, sturdy neck to get the angle you need
  • When studying or reading, clip one to your dorm desk or dorm bed
  • Plugs in for power
  • Great for studying when your roommate's going to sleep
Adding to your dorm room lighting is a simple means of making college life that much more convenient. When you're sitting at your dorm desk and studying late, late into the night, you'll need a cheap dorm desk lamp to provide enough light to keep you awake! More lighting also means less eyestrain, of course. Your roommate won't appreciate the overhead light being left on if he's trying to sleep. So instead of creating more problems, add this Basic Student Clip Lamp to your college shopping list and you'll be all set. It's a simple, cheap desk light that will really come in handy. If you're a student who prefers to read or study in bed, this light for college students can clip right to the frame of your dorm bedding. You can then use the adjustable neck to get just the lighting angle that you'll need. Trying to focus on that dense textbook reading is hard enough. Don't make the situation harder by not having the dorm supplies that you'll need to shed some light on the situation. While this clip light is a basic dorm item, it'll be just as effective at providing extra light. And no matter where you end up, whether you live in another dorm or college apartment, you'll still have a desk and college bed, meaning this college supply will be useful for years to come.