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The Energizer Surprise Care Package


The Energizer Out Of Nowhere Surprise Care Package

Keep them energized as they work their way through a tough spring semester with this amazing care package. It's got it all from juice drinks to protein bars, nuts, snack mixes, microwave dinners and more!

Item: The Energizer Surprise Care Package ($42.00)

Package Includes:  

3 ACT II Microwave Popcorn, 2 Kraft Easy Mac Microwave Dinners, Extra Winterfresh Gum (sugar free), Tropicana Apple Juice and Orange Juice, 2 Cheez-it White Cheddar Crackers, Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds, 3 Assorted Emergen-C Flavor Packs, GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce, 2 Chex Snack Mix, 3 Nature Valley Protein Bars, 2 Ramen Noodle Dinners and 3 Assorted Nutrigrain Bars.