College is right around the corner!

Soon it will be time to send your student off to college, and now is the time to start outfitting your student's room!  



With our UNO Residence Hall Association college room outfitting program, simply select the items that are best for your student and checkout.  It's that easy!

Our UNO Residence Hall Association has a great supply of college room accessories to choose from.

Don't wait...Order your room supplies for your student TODAY!  


* Click Here for On-Campus vs Home Delivery Information


Please Read Before Ordering

On-Campus Delivery ( Order Deadline 07/22/22 )

Shipping is free for on-campus deliveries. Everything you ship to campus will be labeled with your student’s information and available for student pick-up when they arrive on campus at their Clubhouse front desk.

Home Delivery ( Order Deadline 07/31/22 )

For home delivery orders, you will need to provide your home address and select a delivery date during checkout. Please select a delivery date that is at least 7 days out from the date you are placing the order.  Shipping your order home costs a flat rate of $11.95.