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College Plush Rug - Charcoal Gray College Plush Rug - Charcoal Gray (3' x 4.75')

Top Features include:

  • Softest Dorm Rug! Seriously the SOFTEST!
  • 1.25" high thick plush, free flowing strands
  • Anti-slip gel bead bottom / Side Tapering
  • Machine Washable
When you step into your dorm room for the first time, your feet will be greeted by ... the cold, hard floor of your new home. No, it?s no cell, but your dorm room can feel awfully uninhabitable without a few dorm room essentials. One of those essentials? A cheap dorm rug! Rest your feet on this College Plus Rug - Charcoal Gray. While gray isn?t the brightest color in the spectrum, you can?t go wrong with it. Gray is easy to match with your other dorm decor and dorm stuff. Plus, it?ll disguise any lingering dirt after a few intramural sports games out on the university lawn. If the plush gets a little too dirty, stick it in the washing machine ?don?t worry, it?ll hold up just fine. Since your dorm room is no prison, you?ll want to traverse around barefoot or in your socks?like you would at home. With this plush rug, you?ll have a whole 1.25-inch layer of THE softest rug material beneath your feet. Amid all your classes and time spent visiting friends, you?ll be walking around campus a lot. But when you get back to your dorm room, don?t kick up your feet?keep them on the ground, right on top of this ultra-soft plush rug. Trust us, they?ll be more comfortable that way. Rug Comparison - DormCo's Microfiber and Plush Rugs - Various Sizes and Colors