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The Machine Washable Dorm Rug - Emerald Spring Green The Machine Washable Dorm Rug - Emerald Spring Green (5' x 8')

Top Features include:

  • Made of soft to the touch microfiber
  • Anti-slip bottom - Quality tapered construction
  • Vacuum Friendly and Machine Washable
  • Sized to fit dorm rooms (available in 4 sizes)
DormCo's Machine Washable Dorm Rug are some wonderfully colorful and soft dorm room rugs. These rugs for college dorms bring a real transformation to your dorm room floor. College floors on their own are hard and can be quite cold in the winter time. Would you want to step on one with your bare feet? You'd be better off stepping on that communal shower floor! To make that dorm room floor soft, add a cheap dorm rug like this microfiber rug for college. Neglecting a dorm room essential item, which a rug truly is, means you'll be left walking around your dorm room in your shoes. Of all places, your dorm should be a place where you can kick off your shoes and relax! When friends are over to visit, dorm room rugs also make great impromptu seating areas. Whether you choose a small or large rug for your college dorm, those without a seat won't want to be left sitting on the floor ... unless there's a soft rug to sit on! In this way, area rugs benefit not only your dorm room and how it looks, but they also bring a benefit to those who visit your dorm room as well. Speaking of how your dorm looks, this Machine Washable Dorm Rug - Emerald Spring Green brings a truly refreshing and unique color to your dorm. When it comes to dorm decorating, keep things unique to bring character to your living space. Choose the dorm rug size that fits your room best. The Machine Washable Dorm Rug is available in the following options listed below. Next to each option is an explanation of how much dorm floor space that particular size will take up. This should help assist you in purchasing the correct size for your dorm room. 3 x 5 - Good size for covering a specific area, such as next to your bed or in front of your TV 4 x 6 - Ideal for adding carpet just to the center of your dorm floor (Or most used open floor area) 5 x 8 - Top Selling Dorm Rug Size. Covers the open floor without having to pick up all your furniture up to get it to fit. 6 x 9 - Will take up all of your open college dorm floor and even some under your desk or bed. Rug Comparison - DormCo's Microfiber and Plush Rugs - Various Sizes